50 Stylish Pieces to Own – Part 1

50 Stylish Pieces to Own – Part 1

cable knit sweater // jeans // scarf

booties // Hermes bag


I have put together a list of 50 items that I think every stylish lady should own! It is a long list so I have broken the post up into two parts.  Here are the first 25!


Animal print

Animal print is having a big moment in the spotlight for fall but it really is a wardrobe staple.  Leopard print is a fun way to spice up any outfit especially through the use of accessories!

Athleisure wear 

Who doesn’t want to be comfortable?  Athleisure wear is not just for the gym!  With so many great labels to choose from now, you can easily find a cute and comfortable outfit to run you errands in.  Just make sure you aren’t overly revealing!


Aviator sunglasses have been fashionable since the 30’s.  They add an instant cool factor to any outfit.  Wear them from the beach to the red carpet!

Ballet flats 

 A comfortable and feminine wardrobe staple! Ballet flats come in all different colors and styles. They make for a great pair of shoes to stroll the city in!


Bangles are my personal favorite kind of bracelet!  I love to mix and match my bangles or just wear one bold bangle alone!  They come in a huge variety of styles and price ranges!

Black tie dress

Find one great black tie dress that fits you well and you will be set!  I have had the same dress for several years now and it has never failed me. 


A great fall/winter shoe when it’s a bit too cold out for traditional pumps!  Try on a variety of pairs to see what looks best on you.  Be careful not to pick a pair that makes your legs look stumpy which can happen to anyone.

Cable-knit sweater 

A cool weather must, the cable knit sweater is great for a casual but stylish outfit. 

Cashmere sweater 

Luxurious, soft, and warm.  Try to find one of good quality so that it will last many years!

Cardigan sweater

Cardigans are my personal favorite kind of sweater.  I love laying them over a cute top.  They can be worn open, buttoned all the way, or only buttoned in one or two places!


A clutch is a must for an evening outfit!  They come in tons of different patterns and colors! Just make sure you find one that will fit all of your essentials!

Curling wand

A curling wand is a great way to give your hair body and shine!  You can use different barrel sizes to completely change your look.  I personally like to use a 1.5 inch barrel size for loose curls.

Denim jacket 

A denim jacket does not have to be expensive.  There are many fantastic options at a great price point.  I love to throw mine on in the fall when the temperature is starting to become cooler.

Diamond studs

Diamond studs are a great way to add a little sparkle to your outfit.  Plus, there are many great copies out there.  Mine are CZ!


A great summer staple that originated in Spain!  They come in both flat and heeled versions and can be very affordable!


There are many great faux options now available at a fraction of the cost of real fur.  They instantly create a luxurious look and are great for providing extra warmth.

Flip flops 

A must have shoe for the beach and the nail salon!

Floppy hat

With so much information out there about protecting ourselves from the sun, a floppy hat is essential!  They keep your face wrinkle-free and look glamorous at the same time.


Every woman should have a great pair of heels.  They lengthen your legs … and who doesn’t want longer legs?  Just make sure you buy a pair at a height that is comfortable to walk in.

Hoop earrings 

Hoop earrings can be worn day or night!  Traditionally they come in gold or silver but there are also fun colors available like tortoise shell!

Investment bag 

Purchase a classic bag like the Chanel 2.55 and it will never go out of style.  They actually increase in value!


An American staple!  Styles will change with the season but make sure you buy a pair that fits you well and flatters your body type! 

Knee Boots 

Try styles that hit both at the knee and above the knee!  They look great with dresses, skirts, and pants!

Leather pants 

Leather pants scream confidence.  Pair them with a soft fuzzy sweater for a more demure look!


Leggings look wonderful under a long tunic or sweater!  Plus they are super comfortable!



Check back on Thursday for Part 2! What are your style essentials?! Comment below!

xoxo, Liz




  1. October 29, 2018 / 10:56 pm

    I absolutely love this post. I totally agree with all the tips.

  2. October 29, 2018 / 11:02 pm

    Great point on the investment bag! I never knew they increased in value ?

  3. October 30, 2018 / 12:17 am

    What a great list! I couldn’t agree more.

  4. Marsha
    October 30, 2018 / 5:55 am

    I love the cardigans! Such an awesome post hun. Thank you for the suggestions.

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