The Classic Burberry Trench + the Entire Look for Less

The Classic Burberry Trench + the Entire Look for Less

Burberry Trench Coat, the look for LESS

Stuart Weitzman OTK boots, the look for LESS

Chanel Bag, the look for LESS

Adriana Orsini Earrings , the look for LESS


The Burberry trench coat, perhaps one of the most iconic pieces of clothing, was first designed over 100 years ago.  The coat was originally made for soldiers (hence the name trench coat) and manufactured to withstand wind and rain.  The coat was constructed to come to the officer’s knees to avoid dragging through the mud and allow for ease of movement.  The belt around the coat came with D-rings (and still does today) so accessories like a gun or map could be clipped on.  At the back of the jacket there is a flap that was attached so water would run off and away from the body to keep the wearer dry.  The epaulettes on the shoulders were intended to demonstrate the officer’s rank.  The coat was never intended for public use but gained popularity with celebrities and royals.  As a result, the coat boomed into the instantly recognizable piece that it is today.

The fabric’s weight and breathability make the coat perfect in a variety of seasons and climates.  It is, of course, offered in more than one color but is a closet staple in black or khaki. If I were to invest in only one coat it would be the Burberry trench.  Understandably, a lot of people would prefer not to spend quite so much on a coat.  There are a lot of great copies out there that will still give you the same sophisticated look.  I linked a spot on dupe above which is far more affordable!  What do you think are the most iconic fashion pieces of all time?  Comment below!

xoxo, Liz

*History on the Burberry trench coat taken from Harrods and The Smithsonian

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